5G Beam Hidden Danger on News Network


The 5G Rollout is reaching some big news networks but this was the first one I saw which actually gave a real, honest review of the real dangers expected from this new technology as well as an overview of what we're already experiencing in terms of health effects.

Check out this video and tell me whether you think this gives some more validity to this network?

Bottom line conclusion: "it might kill you"

So will you demand real safety testing and stop your local community and the federal government from continuing this rollout?

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5 comments on “5G Beam Hidden Danger on News Network”

  1. I'm a bit confused by the video that I saw on this webpage, why would you use RT America broadcast to stop the use of 5G. After Googling RT America it's Link to a Russian connection, am I right or am I wrong what is the true answer to my question. WHY are You Using this News media organization Which produces propaganda. This makes no sense to me, to use RT America broadcast on the internet to the United States of America this makes no sense to me.

    1. These days the truth is encrypted in mystery, dogma and question. So my answer to your question is that in order to know the truth you must question everything. Question what you find when you google something like you describe. Try to use your common sense as well to determine what you believe. Why did I use a Russian news source and post this video? Because they did a good job of reporting on 5G and at this point in the US there is a lack of good reporting on this issue on any national scale. The only trickle of truth we get from US news sources are local TV news sources and there is very little of it.

      So it's up to you what you believe about 5G but I personally have been following this rollout from the beginning so it's not like I blindly posted a video from a "known propagandist" as you mention because I already know what 5G is about and it's about bringing military technology into consumer telecommunications. If you don't believe that it's up to you. I post a lot on 5G here and on youtube and it's not from a single source. Believe what you want to believe but my suggestion to you is to question everything that you think all the time because if you don't use common sense and critical thinking then you'll be propagandized as well.

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