The Great Awakening Worldwide Premiere Full Documentary


This documentary by Mikki Willis of the Plandemic Series fame is spreading like a wildfire for good reasons. It lays out in a legandary cinematic portrayal the decades long scheme to push a globalism agenda which is summed up as the difference between individualism and collectivism.

Watch this documentary and you'll see how collectivism is the general term representing the various stages of marxism, socialism, communism and other stages of totalitarianism. This is summed up very concisely by Marx himself as the abolition of property ownership. Please let that sink in and imagine a world in the United States of America where there was no property ownership! Now it makes sense what Klaus Schwab from WEF says "You will own nothing, and be happy" and let's say NO.

The perspective Willis brings to these themes is very important so I urge you to watch this film and share this post with the original historical footage from G. Edward Griffin so everyone is aware of what's really going on in the agendas and narratives that are being fed to us in the media.

Here's the full documentary:

Here's the Red Carpet interviews from the premiere event so you can see so many people that were supporting this event and the free airing of this excellent film:

And here's the original film from G. Edward Griffin which is about 50 years old now! Footage from this original presentation was used throughout The Great Awakening film.

More Deadly Than War: The Communist Revolution in America:

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Once you watch the documentary and some of the other videos here on this page you'll see why this is such an important thing to share so please help share this post with as many people as you can.

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