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Common Signs of Vitamin Deficiency


Are you getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy? Unfortunately, the modern Western diet is loaded with sugars and sodium. And the negative effects of these foods will show on your face, particularly the skin, hair, and teeth.

Since the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it requires essential nutrients to stay healthy. If your complexion hasn't been looking great for days, you might want to improve your diet, right now. This report outlines all the telling signs that your diet is ruining your health.

The usual way to check if you have any vitamin deficiency is doing a number of blood tests which can be quite expensive. They reveal if you have insufficient amounts of any nutrient as well as how low you are on them. However, there’s an easier way to discover if you have any vitamin deficiency, and it’s totally free.

Your face can tell a lot more than you think. Pay closer attention to it and see if there are any of the following signs that indicate a specific vitamin deficiency.


Image courtesy of: Molly Chirnside

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